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Change Log

Monday, September 26

I've been employed for a month. Getting back around to updates, woohoo!

Fixed a few minor issues with entering height and refactored the user preferences saver to be a bit more self-contained without having duplicate so much code.

For users, I have a new feature! You can now enter activity entry sets and reps in one go. For example, did you do five sets of 185 at the bench press? Instead of having to enter them each one at a time, just enter 5x5 for the reps and 185 for the weight! Then, w8mngr will automatically add 5 sets of 185 to your entry for that day. The same logic will apply to anything with reps, like bodyweight exercises.

Saturday, August 27

We have updated the Dashboard to be more responsive and to include a whole new metric: calories gained or burned over the entire week. You can configure how we calculate this metric in your user settings page under Health Targets. By default, we use the highest value of what we calculate your TDEE, which we recommend. However, if you prefer other metrics, feel free to change it to suit your needs!

The food search has also been modified to heavily favor popular items over exact text matches. This is for quick additions to your logs. If you still need to search foods using a full-text match where popularity isn't quite as important, head over to the Food Search Page.

Thursday, August 4

We now no longer ping the NDB API for each search request/attempt. Our foods database is MASSIVELY expanded (check out the search) from that source, so we no longer rely on the NDB being online to work. Woohoo!

This comes with a few changes for our search. If you search from the search form, everything is the same. It's a full text search using a dictionary lookup. But if you search from autocomplete, it now works more like an autocomplete, sorted by the item's popularity. Those searches are also cached for 12 hours. This should give you quicker, more accurate ways to search for foods to add to your log.

Wednesday, August 3

Many bug fixes and CSS refactorings that have made maintanence and feature-addition much easier for me. I have also added a styleguide to help me build new features without creating new CSS as often. You may also notice a ton of tweaks to font sizes and spacing. They have all been standardized. I also added a new loading animation that I think fits the theme of this site better, as well as a custom background rather than gray.

Perhaps the biggest fix is that form posts now work on iOS. So no more having to reload the page when you modify activities, routines, and weights. This allows Turbolinks to run much more smooth for us iOS users.

Aside from various bigfixes and feature tweaks, I'm working on expanding and refactoring my test suite so that it's easier to maintain while letting me keep the ability to quickly add features and modify existing features without breaking existing tests. This should increase the site's overall stability. Along with these changes, we're going to be handling messages much, much better in the future--things from 404, to 500, to connectivity issues will be handled in not just a more standardized manner, but for many, they'll be handled for the first time!

Friday, July 15

Activities and routines are here! You can:

We will soon be adding information about total calories burned and other relevant information related to your activities in your dashboard. In addition, I will be switching from Chart.js to D3. Chart.js served me well to get up and running quickly, but I need the power of D3 going forward.

You may also note that there hae been some major UI changes, mostly focused on the desktop version. First, every version of the site has been polished to improve the user experience and overall smoothness of the interactions and interface. Second, we have incorporated Turbolinks into the site for a smoother, snappier feel on every device.

In the future, you can expect more polishing on existing features and interfaces. This includes things you may notice and many you won't. For one, I want to ensure that my messaging queueing system is working properly. It's erratic at the moment, so getting that up and running is priority. Second, I want to increase my test coverage, especially for integration tests. At the moment, I only have controller and model tests for many of the new features. I'd like to add some robust integration tests for them, as well, to ensure rock-solid CI.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Are you ready for some cool charts? If you've been following my Github Page, you might notice that I've been contributing a bit to Chart.js. Well, surprise! Dashboards are here! They're written entirely in Vue and Chart.js, serve cached data (up to 24-hours old) for speed, and give you a quick overview of your progress, macros, and the week in review.

This update also included a whole bunch of behind-the-scenes architecture to help me make more data visualizations when I see fit!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Very large updates. I added tons of functionality, including a Javascript implementation via Vue.js. I added a very extensive options page that I plan to smooth over with a few onboarding wizards in the future.

Major Changes

Sunday, March 1, 2016

Initial deployment! Welcome aboard. There is much to do, but I wanted to be able to test this on mobile devices as soon as possible. We are migrating to Amazon Web Services, as you may have noticed, so we are currently deployed there. Our backend has migrated to Ruby on Rails and PostreSQL. Although I'm much more familiar with LESS, I chose to stick with Rails' default preprocessor, SCSS. I'm loving it so far!

Things that are currently working: